When I was in Junior High School a good friend of mine said something to me that sowed a seed that would change the course of my life in the future.

He said, "Jerry, you are a quitter.  You quit everything you do."

  I laughed it off but as time passed I began to notice that his statement was pretty accurate and I did quit everything I did because I was not committed or passionate about anything.

When I was 28 I had a life changing moment while sitting at my desk reading a book that has arrived in the mail as a free gift. From that moment until this very moment I write this I have known exactly what I would spend the rest of my life doing and that I would "Not Quit".

When  "Don't Quit" is your self identifying slogan for all things you put your hand to do  it should not surprise anyone that I am still selling gold and silver coins 20 years later.  I am still talking about and am as passionate about debt reduction both national and personal as I was then.  I am still leading and not following trends and "me too" business flurries.  Yes, I am still looking for that young person to lend a helping hand and I am still the self declared voice of the 97%.

The truth is simple, "I didn't Quit".  I am what "Don't Quit" looks like.

Jerry O'Steen
Still passionate about gold and silver, still alarmed by the national debt and still the voice of the 97%.


Three Currencies


This is "Yesterday's" currency.  Gold and Silver have always been considered as money.  Dollars are the money most desired because it is what we use every day, anywhere and with anyone.


This is "Today's" currency.  This is best seen and easiest to understand when 38 billion dollars was paid to Zuckerberg for simply gathering people together as a media buy.


This is "Tomorrow's" currency.  It is Digital or Virtual and will be used, collected, loaned and become as real to each of as a paper bill is now.


These three things are our action plan

Google says these three things are what they did and do to build their company

get started

Know Your Customer

Identify with total clarity exactly who your customer is and direct all your energies toward him and let someone else do everything else.

Multiply Your Vision Times Ten

No matter what you have already accomplished in the past make plans that are 10 times bigger than you think possible.

Immediately Build a Prototype

When you have your Big Idea then don't wait to get it perfect . Start immediately with a prototype and fix and repair it as you grow it.